Recycle Art Show 2017 Recap

Pink Hair Productions stepped out this year with the inaugural Recycle Art Show. Hosted and sponsored by Kimco in the SoDo Shopping Plaza, we took two vacant store fronts and transformed them into two stunning art galleries for 2 weekends in June.

Recycle Art Show hosted art from 28 different artists/ artist groups from all over Central Florida. In addition, Paula Lambert from Ohio and Romina Pezzia from Peru both submitted art making us a national and international show!


Artreach Orlando used both weekends to host kid-friendly building workshops teaching everyone how to create newsprint snails and beautiful flowers from plastic bottles.

IMG_20170617_121951plastic flowers

Recycle Art Show will return in 2018! So start getting you ideas together art world!

Check out our album of art photos and follow the Recycle Art Show Instagram for news on where you can see more work from our artists!

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