So you want to get your art out there…

When people find out that I produce shows, art shows in particular, I often get “I’m an artist! ” And often a phone shoved in my hand to show off art that the person has created. I don’t mind. I love art which is why I do what I do. Soon after I almost always hear “How do I get my art out there?”.

Well, you just gotta do it. Plain and simple.

Tip 1) Go see art shows.

From Immersed 2015 at CityArts Factory

Orlando has an amazing art scene! Part of your task as an artist and getting your art out there is getting up and getting out to art shows. There are so many places that are offering shows all the time. Part of getting your art out there is finding a place that your art fits.

Plus you’ll be supporting the group that you want to join which is active artists who exhibit their art. Make connections, listen to where others are going to see art. Network!

Tip 2) Look for Calls to Artist that are open calls.

An open call is basically an audition that is open to anyone wishing to participate.

Make sure that you read any and all information about the Call to Artist. Make sure that you are following the rules the show producers are asking for: size requirements, drop off deadlines, framing requirements and so on . Make sure that your art meets the shows theme. Make sure you are on time and prepared.

Speaking of Calls to Artist…. Pink Hair has several open calls coming up!

Art Right MEOW- cat art! A new show coming to CityArts Factory in August all about the obsession that is the house cat and the people that love them!

Dia de los Muertos & Monster Factory– CityArts Factory is accepting all NEW art in either the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or Monster Factory (Halloween) theme. All mediums accepted.

CFLAS ImmersedCentral Florida Aquarium Society‘s Immersed art show is all about water, water life, fish, sea monsters, merfolk and being under the waters of the world.

Check out video from Immersed.

Tip 3) Be resourceful.

Join groups that can help you, be it online sites like or groups that meet in person like artLENS Orlando which meets quarterly. It’s all about networking!

Orlando Slice is like a facebook-esqe type group for artists and has so many resources like a group for Call to Artists, a calendar for you to find events and post your own.

There are other groups on Facebook, and offered by other arts organizations.

Tip 4) Never stop learning, trying, exploring!

Go to classes, practice, explore new mediums! Keep learning, keep growing and keep art-ing!!

So what are YOU waiting for? Only you can get your art out there.

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