Things I LOVE! Lovey Loaves

During the Orlando Fringe I discovered the group Lovey Loaves. Lovey Loaves is a non-profit organization out of Orlando, Florida, and one of the few organizations in the country that specialize in rescue, fostering, and adoption of puppies with special needs. They were also a new sponsor for the Pink venue at Orlando Fringe 2017 and had a table in the main hallway.

During Fringe, I stopped by every day to meet the pups of Lovey Loaves. I met the people involved in the organization, was fascinated by the puppy wheelchairs displayed, and fell in love with all the pups!

Lovey Loaves doggies! Fenway, Princess and Violet. 

I had no  clue that there was an organization dedicated to these sweet puppy faces, and I am so thankful for the work the Lovey Loaves. These puppies remind me that there’s nothing I can’t handle if I try. Don’t let the challenges get you down.

Ambassador Colby

During the Recycle Art Show’s Give Back Night we got a visit from an adorable pup named Colby. We were able to raise some funds for Colby and his friends, and we will definitely be working with this great organization more in the future. Colby was the perfect ambassador, visiting with all the guests that came to Give Back Night!

Lovey Loaves has a fundraising event coming up in August, and I was able to get a few on my artist friends to donate art for the cause. If you would like to help out, then come to the Art for Carts event. Lovey Loaves is raising money for new carts (puppy wheelchairs) for new rescues. They call them their wheel babies.


Keep an eye out for more opportunities to help out Lovey Loaves in the future (or you could just keep an eye on this blog, since I’ll definitely be keeping everyone posted). Even if you are unable to help financially you can still give them a like and a follow, and share their events, because they are a Thing I Love!!






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