Hearts of Reality

I found out about Hearts of Reality (HoR) while I was playing MySpace Survivor. (Shut it, don’t judge.) It was an online version of Survivor where we were in tribes, had challenges, and voted people out just like the real TV version. It was super fun and didn’t involve eating bugs, or being  devoured by them. During our season, one of my tribe mates, Cindy, told me about this in-real-life Survivor party where I could actually meet people who were on the show and other fans. I was sold!

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Yes, I painted my beater car for a challenge. MySpace Survivor yo!

I started going to the Hearts of Reality event in 2009. Back then it  was held on the main street in downtown Celebration and was under 2 tents. I think the first year I attended, HoR had brought about 20 people who had appeared on Survivor or The Amazing Race. All of their efforts went to raise money for Give Kids the World.


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Hearts of Reality 2009, Celebration, FL. Survivor winner and runner up from that season ( JT Thomas and Stephen Fishbach)

Fast forward to today! Hearts of Realty is still going strong and growing! The event brings in close to 100 reality stars from not only Survivor but Big Brother, The Amazing Race, MTV shows, and stars from other movies and shows. Each year HoR challenges itself to keep upping the amount of money they raise!

Hearts of Reality BIG check for 2016!

If you are a reality show fan, you should defiantly put Hearts of Reality on your schedule! Each reality contestant that comes to the event has pledged to raise money for Give Kids the World. You can see their efforts on the main page for the event by clicking on their photo.  So come out, meet your favorites and help them reach their goal! Help Hearts of Reality help Give Kids the World!

Here’s a wrap up video from 2012 that shows just a glimpse of what all happens during the event.

Hearts of Reality events are listed on our calendar, check it out and get involved!

Keep in touch with them on their social media accounts to keep up with all the fun events and who’s coming to the event this year.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartsofreality1/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heartsofreality/

Who would you want to meet at this year’s event?

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