Puddles Pity Party

I discovered Puddles a few years back, when a video of him singing a cover of “Royals” (with Postmodern Jukebox) made the rounds on social media. I really liked it and have followed his career since. I was SUPER excited when I saw the notice that Puddles was coming to Orlando!

I love you too Puddles! Puddles Pity Party 2017 Plaza Live, Orlando, FL

I grabbed my ticket and headed to the show! Puddles was charming, and I just loved watching him! His show reminded me of something that you might see at the Orlando Fringe Festival: part singing, part mime, audience participation, and a slide show! Such a GREAT show!

One of my favorite numbers was his cover of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me”. While he sang, pets of all sorts were shown on the screen behind him, all wearing his signature gold crown. At the end, the declaration “Adopt First!” That’s when I knew Puddles and I should be BFFs!! I adore his message of #adopt and #savethemall ❤


(I did notice the lack of a ferret photo and am adding that to my list of things to do! Ferret Puddles crown photo session!)

If you get a chance to see the Puddles Pity Party show, go! He’s also touring with the America’s Got Talent tour but shares the stage with other performers.

Check out Puddles facebook https://www.facebook.com/puddlespityparty/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/puddlespityparty/

Here’s one of his awesome videos! Enjoy!

One last photo from the night to go with the video I shared! David Bowie’s Space Oddity



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