Round Up for Charity – Blogger Dinner

This past week I had the chance to attend the Talk of the Town Restaurant Group‘s Round Up for Charity dinner. Talk of the Town is a group founded in 1974, by the father-son team of Charley and Ron Woodsby, to give back to local charities (and as you may know, giving back is something I love). In 2017 the group stepped up their efforts by asking patrons to “round up” their checks to the next dollar to support the charities. The coolest things is that the Woodsby family pays all of the costs to run the foundation, so 100% of the funds raised go directly to the charities! You don’t see that often, so kudos to the Woodsby family!

Look at just a few of the amazing charities that Talk of the Town has helped!



Participating restaurants that are Rounding Up for Charity include:

The dinner that I attended was filled with delicious specialty dishes, and drinks, from each of the participating restaurants. My favorite was the Salmon from FishBones. (Seriously, some of the BEST salmon I have ever had!)

Cedar Planked Salmon & Fried Shrimp from Fishbone’s.

So treat yourself, and dine out at any one of these fine restaurants and Round Up! Help make a difference, and enjoy delicious food!! Don’t forget to use their hashtag #SupportLocalEatLocal and share those tasty food photos on your social media!



(from the press release)

Talk of the Town Restaurant Group is partnering with Hello! Florida Destination Management to benefit the Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund. This fund enables Orange County Public School children who are experiencing poverty or homelessness to attend STEM-focused field trips (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at no cost. In the past two years, Hello! Florida has sent over 1,200 local children on fun, educational school field trips that they would not otherwise have been able to afford. All proceeds from the “Round Up for Charity” program in August will be donated to the Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund.  

To learn more about Talk of the Town Restaurant Group Foundation, visit

Thank you to Moonfish for hosting the Blogger’s Dinner!




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