Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Highlights!

My friends and I headed out to Halloween Horror Nights yesterday for opening night! We are all Halloween enthusiast, you know that already… at least about me. đŸ™‚ With the opening of HHN27, I personally feel like the Halloween season is OPEN! Officially!

Halloween Horror Nights is one of the premier Halloween events in the country. Even in the middle of September, after a hurricane, the event was well attended. We were able to get through 6 of the 9 houses, 4 of the 5 scarezones and see Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Over all, a successful night in my opinion!

Pro tip: To accomplish everything Horror Nights has to offer you really need to either purchase the multiple night passes or book a RIP Tour. Express pass can be helpful but if you don’t navigate carefully you can still miss things. Most attending last night have one of the multi-passes. 

Over all I was very pleased with the event. Universal always puts on a stunning visual event. You will feel immersed in the story of the haunted houses, almost like you are walking on a movie set! I do however think the lighting needs to be brought up a bit. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was a choice or maybe left over damage from Irma…. IRMAAAAAA!!! It wouldn’t be bad to have some fans in the lines at the Soundstage houses. Whoa it was a packed sweaty mess of people there! Some air would have helped the lines at least feel a bit more comfortable.

My personal favorite houses so far were: SCARECROW: THE REAPING and AMERICAN HORROR STORY: VOLUME 2.

Scarecrow: the Reaping is an original house created by Universal. With the exception of American Horror Story last year, I tend to enjoy the original idea houses the most. It was dark and creepy. The outside of the house, a corn field and windmill, set the scene for the creepy guys inside the house.

SCARECROW: THE REAPING, HHN 27, Halloween Horror Nights 27, Halloween Horror Nights Express, HHN, Express Experiences, Premium Products, PREM

I am such a fan of American Horror Story and Universal does such a great job of recreating the scenes from the show that I blown away! I am sure the actors were confused by my applauding of their scenes.

AMERICAN HORROR STORYâ„¢: VOLUME 2, HHN 27, Halloween Horror Nights 27, Halloween Horror Nights Express, HHN, Express Experiences, Premium Products, PREM

I looooooved the Trick’r Treat scaresone! It was far and above my favorite! First, the movie is great! If you haven’t seen it, fix that. Then the area of the park where they placed the zone is always the prettiest and the zone fit perfectly with the jack-o-lanterns I’ve come to love and expect to see in that area!

20170915_202018 (1)

Check out the movie if you can, you’ll love seeing the characters they’ve included in the zone. It is so well done though, that even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll love the scarezone!

We are heading back tonight to finish off the final 3 houses that we weren’t able to make it to last night: The Shining, The Fallen and Saw. I’m also hoping to catch The Academy of Villains show as it was a highlight from last year! I really enjoyed their show! Amazing!

Keep an eye out here for other Halloween highlights and reviews!

Check out photos from last night here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CyH4wyp9lfShjWjl2

Videos are on Halloween Guide Orlando’s Instagram account!

I’ll be adding more photos to the album as the event goes on!

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