So each year my friend Elizabeth hosts a crazy, month long horror movie marathon contest. It has a theme, challenges, hidden feature movies and all kinds of fun. And for the month of October, I’ve been playing, this being my 8th or 9th year!

As part of the game, we have to log all the movies we watch, give them a little review, a score of some kind and then we get points. I’ve decided to post my summaries here and share them with any other horror movie fans that might stumble upon them here! I am hoping this will kick start me into writing more regularly on my site. Eak! It has been too long.

This year I am on Team Sasquatch! Which I love because I love Big Foot, yetis and all cyrtids! Here’s my week one of #TheMaddness!

THE MADNESS: NATURE BITES Week 1 October 4- October: 

Team Sasquatch

Notes: I watched The Birds on Sunday night. 

Sunday 10/4

Body on Brighton Rock (2019) 1 hour 27 minutes

Millennials working in the state park. Wendy, our main girl breaks so rules and ends up getting lost in the wilderness. She finds a body and comedy ensues. JK, she finds a body and has to secure the area until the authorities arrive. Oh and a bear. 

(Watch on Hulu) I give it 3 dead eyeball out of 5 

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2



Eaten Alive (1976) 1 hour 31 minutes

aka Starlight Murders maybe? I’ll also aka it Robert England Wants Some Butt Lovin. You would think a creepy guy who owns a monkey wouldn’t be that bad… You’d be wrong! He feeds people to the gators. Other highlights you ask? Bewbs, the cheapest wigs maybe in movie history, the cutest pup ever eaten by an alligator. 

(Watch on Prime) I’ll give it 2.5 the set looked like a haunted house out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: 1


Curse of the Queerwolf (1988) 1 hour 26 minutes

Umm… A guy gets bit in the rear by a transvestite and faces the problems of being a Queerwolf. How is it I’ve watched 2 movies in a row that reference butt lovin’. 

(Watch on Tubi) I give this 2 making haha out of 5.

Base: 2/ ATB


Bats (1999) 1 hour 31 minutes

Genetically mutated BATS y’all! And they’re mad and causing problems. It was hard for me to really get into this because I love bats!! But it was a great reminder that chokers were very in the 90s and guano means bat poop. I feel like I’ve made a butt theme for today accidentally. 

(Watch on Prime) I give this 2.5 Dinas sounds the same as my NAME! Out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB hits 3 elements!




Fish Bait: The Movie (2009) 1 hour 30 minutes

One of the least horror movies I think I’ve ever seen…. A group of friends go fishing and get booked at Fear hollow instead of Flat Hollow and really, nothing happens. Although the actors make you feel like you are actually watching people on a fishing trip so I guess that’s something? Seriously, the first spooky happens an hour in! ugh.

((Don’t) Watch on Prime) I give this .5 

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2



Shark Night (2011) 1 hour 30 minutes

Boy was that opening scene a rip off from Jaws. I bet they even used the harness technic that dislocated the first victim’s hip! I do enjoy Joel David Moore so there’s that. It’s ok, IMO nothing new in a shark movie except the shark in a saltwater river. Which can happen. 

(Watch on Netflix) I give it 2.5 Beth, girl… you don’t swim with a fresh tattoo…. 5

Base: 2

Bonus: ATB!


Stephanie (2017) 1 hour 26 minutes

Slow start but the little girl was really great. Then it takes a turn, Stephanie is the mysterious force doing all the damage. And children all over have these telekinesis powers that show up as tentacles! 

(Watch on Netflix) I give it 3.5 stuffed animal turtles out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2



Halloween Baking Championships S1 Ep1: Trick or Treat (2015) 1 hour tv time

Baking creative challenges 1st challenge to use Halloween candy 2nd challenge a costume dessert challenge. I believe that Sweet genius was flirting with one of the bakers…meow. 

Let’s just give any competition show 3 out of 5

Base: 1

Halloween Baking Championships S1 Ep2: Monster MashUp (2015) 1 hour tv time

1st challenge – use store bought doughs 2nd challenge- Flavor & theme example orange & charred or peanut butter & slimy! lol

Not going to lie, I Had some ice cream after watching… 

3 out of 5

Base: 1

Halloween Baking Championships S1 Ep3: Field of Screams (2015) 1 hour tv time

1st challenge- Doughnuts! Gaaah I love doughnuts. Now I want some doughnuts. 2nd challenge- Graveyard Pumpkin Dessert

3 out of 5

Base: 1

Monday 10/5

Halloween Baking Championships S1 Ep4: Haunted House Party (2015) 1 hour tv time

Challenge 1- character baking challenge. The final challenge is a 5 hour haunted house cake with Duff as a guest judge! Ahh cake is my favorite. I agree with the winner!

3 out of 5

Base: 1

Halloween Baking Championships S2 Ep1: Monster, Monster, Monsters (2015) 1 hour tv time

Challenge 1- character desserts. Challenge 2 Zombie desserts using raspberry flavor. 

3 out of 5

Base: 1

Tammy and the T Rex (1994) 1 hour 22 mins

Discovering movies you never knew existed is always a fun thing during the Madness! Well why not transplant a human brain into t T-Rex and look for love! Oh and chaos. Look at the young Denise Richardson, Paul Walker and Sean Whalen! #teenagecamp Warning…no science was used in this movie. lol!

(Watch on Shudder) 3 sexy lingerie dances out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB – 3 elements!




The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs w/  Q: The Winged Serpent  (2018)  2h 2min 

Ok, don’t tell but I’ve never seen a Joe Bob anything and I just got the Shudder so I thought I’d knock out 2 with 1 watch. Well that was fun! A giant serpent ravages NYC and there’s sacrificial killings and a MIME! 

(Watch on Shudder) 3 “cantaloupe from 30 stories” out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB 3 elements!




Boar (2017) 1 hour 26 minutes

If I know anything it’s that almost all animals can kill you in Australia! The boar reminds me of a puppet I’ve seen in a few haunts! Pretty fun man vs big Australian piggie. A no brainer, no thought needed. 

(Watch on Prime) 3 head impalement on a tusk out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2



The Reef (2010) 1 hour 26 minutes

I’m on an Australian double feature! Sharrrrk! The boat crashes, a few people choose to swim for an island but…shark! So I liked this movie even though it took place in the water and only a few people. It held my attention. Shark 4 vs People 1 

(Watch on Shudder) I give this 3 beheaded turtles out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus ATB! Sharks! 


Tuesday 10/6

Good Boy (2020) 1 hour 26 minutes

A fun doggie takes revenge movie. After being adopted Reuben takes out anyone who wrongs his new mom. 

(Watch on Hulu) I give it 3 doggie in PJs out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2


-THE ANIMAL(S) is/are OVERSIZE (in Reuben’s final attack)

Deep Blue Sea (1999) 1hour 45mins

Making sharks mega predators might not be a good idea. Escape from Sharkatraz is basically this movie.

(Watch on Hulu) I give it 4 LLCoolJs in a oven  out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB


Splice (2009) 1 hour 44 minutes

Let’s play creator! Splicing and dicing. The best scene is the “Fred and Ginger” one at the meeting!! Scientists (who could also be seen as her parents) accidentally create life and she, Dren, causes chaos. She stinge, swims, flies, fs her dad and kills a kitty. Killing the kitty is where I draw the line.  We’re not friends any more. 

(Watch on Netflix) I give this 4 hormonal changes out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: 2



Family Blood (2018) 1 hour 26 minutes 

Damn it, I thought this was going to be about werewolves. I found the suggest wile looking for werewolf movies…

Any who. Ella moves to a new town with her kids and get turned into a vamp. I didn’t quite like the way she held to some vampire-isms but some not. It was a new take on vampires. And 2 movies back to back killing a cat


(Watch on Netflix but don’t believe their suggestion just because you were looking for werewolf options…) I give it 2.5 don’t eat the cats out of 5.

Base: 2/ Bonus:none

So make up time with  the 2nd part of the warm up challenge:

An American Werewolf in London (1981) 1 hour 37 minutes

(Watch on HBO on Prime, they have a 7 day for free plan)

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009) 1h 49min

I really enjoy this movie! It has it all, vampires, freak shows, and all kinds of other weirdness. I hope that it will catch on like Hocus Pocus has. Good vs evil battle it out kind of movie in a circus setting! Great visuals!!

(Watch on Netflix) I give it 4 monkey girls out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010) 1 hour 26 minutes

Another Netflix recommends… At least theory’s a werewolf. This is a family movie, pretty cute. A family inherits a castle owned by werewolf distant family. Battle between vampire and the new owners of the castle. 

(Watch on Netflix) I give it a guest starring Brook Sheilds out of 5

Base:2/ Base: ATB


Ratchet S1Ep8 1 hour

Season finale. Ratchet is in love with Miranda from Sex in the City. Charlotte springs Edmond and the season leaves us with them riding off with Louis. I can’t wait for season 2!!

(Watch on Netflix) I give it 4.5 frying in the electric chairs out if 5

Base: 1

Wednesday 10/7

Hunt for the Skinwalker (2018) 2 hours 7 minutes

Another recommended film from Huluween. This is a documentary about Skinwalker Ranch which is a hotspot of everything! UFOs, poltergeists, bigfoot and skinwalkers are believed to be werewolf-ish. This was a long ass documentary and though there were a few arts that were good, most of it was a bit boring for me. 

(Watch on Hulu) I give it 2.5 native American legends out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: maybe ATM? 


Vice Presidential Debate

UGH…. Sometimes I yelled at the TV but at least I could watch it, I couldn’t watch the presidential one. Dump Truck makes me mad. 

Base 3

Thursday 10/8

Ginger Snaps (2000) 1 hour 48 minutes

Teen sisters against the world! Period pains, becoming a sex driven werewolf, parents, and mean gurls… you know teen dramas. 

(Watch on Shudder) 3.5 black sludges out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB + Kweeny 2


Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004) 1 hour 34 mins

We see B years later fighting the curse of becoming a werewolf. This was meh in comparison to the original. Poor B didn’t even get a sexy werewolf stage. I did like Ghost but was sad when they killed off library guy in the 1st few moments. 

(Watch on Roku channel)  2.5 we speak in the 3rd persons out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB


Friday 10/9

Underworld (2003) 2 hours 1 min

Sexy vampires vs werewolves. Are there any not pretty girl vampires? Any way this is a long gothic tale of vampires vs werewolves with lot, LOTS of action! I think it’s a pretty movie to watch but it is long. 

(Watch on Netflix) I give 3.5 vinyl outfits out of 5

Base:3/ Bonus: ATB


Hubie Halloween (2020) 1 hour 42 mins

I am not a fan of Adam Sandler for the most part and this was pretty much what I don’t like of him but! It was pretty because it was filmed in Salem. So there was that. And Steve Busemi is a werewolf so there’s that. I love Steve Busemi so there was that too. 

(Watch on Netflix) 2 poopin in the graveyards out of 5

Base: 3/ Bonus:ATB


Bad Moon (1996) 1 hour 26 mins

A meh werewolf movie. But an awesome Thor the German Shepherd saves the day. 

(Watch on Prime) I give 2.5 doggo saves the days out of 5

Base 2/ Bonus ATB


Dinner time with the husband who’s not a horror fan lol! 

The Cleveland Show: A Nightmare on Grace Street S3 Ep3 (2011) 30 minutes TV time

 A fun mix of Twilight and Cleveland and Ralow being afraid of spending the night. Also a Chris Farly esk character tries to kill the family. 

(Watch on Hulu) I give it 3.5 costume as a can of WD40s out of 5

See next scoring note

The Cleveland Show:It’s the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown S2 Ep4 (2010) 30 minutes TV time

Another Halloween episode. Cleveland doesn’t want his son to trick or treat but then comes to his senses and helps him be himself by trick or treating with him. 

(Watch on Hulu) I give 3.5 dressed like a hot dogs out of 5

Base 1 (for both episodes)/ Bonus: none

Halloween Tales (2017) 1 hour 22 mins

10 different Halloween shorts.1) Don’t eat Mikey’s candy or you’ll die. 2) Billy tries to prank the devils house but the devil turns the tables. 3) Trick or treaters take revenge. 4) Bullies get what’s coming to them. 5) who needs eyes any way.6 A childless couple deal with it in very different ways. 7) Neighbors battle over Halloween 8) A perfect slasher parody. 9) Kidnappers pick the wrong kid. 10) All about the jack o’lantern. 

(Watch on Prime) I give 3.5 a double beheading out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: none

Saturday 10/10

Silver Bullet (1985) 1hour 26mins

Marty saves the town from the priest who is also a werewolf! It’s kind of nice to see a “more together” Gary Busey. 

(Watch on AMC) I give it 3.5 make lemonade in your pans out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB


Howl (2016)

A smart werewolf stops a train for a meal on wheels. Passengers fight to stay alive but really there a few that can go… if you know what I mean. 

(Watch on Prime) I give it 3 out of 5

Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB


An ok week. On to week 2!


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