Halloween Guide Orlando, one of my babies and now it has babies!

If you know me, you know I LOVE everything Halloween. Usually you’ll find me at every Central Florida haunt I can get to and going to all the Halloween/ horror/ curiosities & oddity events I can find. This year is different. 2020 has slowed my Halloween roll. So I’ve been diving into my Halloween Guide Orlando and all the supporting social media sites.

HalloweenGuideOrlando.com is basically a database of all, and I mean all Halloween, Fall and horror events I find in Central Florida plus area. It started in Orlando but then there are just so many great events just a drive or day trip away, I expanded the coverage! It started as a stand alone site in 2014 and had grown every year, even this year of 2020 (the year of postponing and canceling) believe it or not! There are so many online events this season. Many places have rethought their approach and updated their safety precautions. We’ve seen the birth of drive thru events. You can’t stop Halloween! Universal Orlando has seen what HHN fans can bring to the financial table even with their signature event being tabled for the year.

Some of the cool NEW things I done this year for HGO:

The Halloween Card Exchange! Anyone, any where in the world can sign up! You get an address to send a Halloween Card to and you get a Halloween card from another fan of the BEST holiday around! The link to sign up will be open until October 16th! So far I’ve had people from 15 states, Ireland and Finland participate!! JOIN!!

Junior Correspondents for Halloween Guide Orlando! This year I had a thought about the coverage for Halloween Guide Orlando. We have no problem covering the spooky, haunted events that are more for 13 years and up. But what about the events designed for families and the younger fans? Well, I tapped a few friends with children and started the “Junior Correspondents” of Halloween Guide Orlando! Check out JCs Harper and Grayson at Gators, Ghosts & Goblins at Gatorlando Orlando!

Check out one of my favorite posts of this year!

A spooky GREAT time!

Central Florida Scary Sketch Scavenger Hunt! Together with my friend Jeremy, really cool sketches were hidden at some of our favorite Halloween related places! Greenwood Cemetery, Prometheus Esoterica, Gideon’s Bakehouse were just a few of the hiding spots! The hunt continues for 13 days ending on October 13th so there’s still time to get in the hunt! Clues are revealed on Halloween Guide Orlando’s Facebook and then shared over to the event.

Let’s Make a Squeal: Halloween Gameshow! Coming up on October 28th, a brand new project! Working with my friend Erica (Horror Happenings with the Dead Girl), we came up with a fun, interactive game show! We’ll be choosing 6 contestants and anyone can watch and help score them! Be sure to join the event so you don’t miss any of the details!

Links coming SOON! Or be sure to follow us!

So please drop by Halloween Guide Orlando.com, visit and participate! Join in the Halloween Card Exchange! Hunt for some really great scary sketches! I couldn’t cover this year with out help from some amazing friends! Thank you to Omar & Anne of the #HalloweenFunSquad, Jeremy, co- scavenger hunt creator and chief-hider! My new HGO JCs: Xoey & crew/ mom Jaimz and Grayson & Harper with their crew/ parents Jamie & Daryl! And my video editor Lindsay!

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