October 18- October 24 
Team Sasquatch

Sunday 10/19

Big Foot (1970) 1 hour 24 mins
I think this really represents the great movies of the 1970. Bigfoots has a thing for the ladies. Kudos for these girls keeping their clothes and hair so perfect during their abductions and escapes. 
(Watch on YouTube)

Base 2/ Bonus: ATB
Bigfoot! (Big Foot Challenge)

We left to go to Florida so no further watching.

Monday 10/20

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) 1 hour 27 mins
This is a documentary-style movie about Big Foot. I watched it with MST3 because it was free. I am thankful for them to get through this…As a person who grew up in the country, I think I should be offended, then again, a few of those folks reminded me of relatives. 
(Watch on Tubi)

I give it 2.5 Jr. big foot stole the fish out if 5
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB
Big Foot Challenge

In Search of Bigfoot (1976) 1 hour 15 mins
This documentary almost seemed like a movie. I enjoyed this. It reignited my hope that big foots are real y’all! There is a lot of camping, hiking, and wanting to find things. Aren’t we all Bob Morgan? I want someone to look at me like Bob looks at anything Boog footed.
(Watch on Tubi)

I give 3 let the creature find you-s out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot challenge!

The Osbourne’s Want to Believe: Now You See It (2020) S1 Ep 8 1 hour of TV
My mom in law loves the ghost shows. This is one of the hour. Jack talks about hauntings, vampires, and more trying to get his dad, Ozzy, and mom Sharon to believe. Jack visits the asylum where Ozzy filmed Bat Out of Hell. 
(Watch on Travel Channel) 

I give it 3 is Sharon’s dog still alive out of 5
Base: 1/

The Osbourne’s Want to Believe: See You on the Other Side (2020) S1 Ep 8 1 hour of TV
The family is talking about seances, gifts from the dead. Ozzy says he did some séance back in the day and crazy things happened. (Drugs maybe?) Ghosts and the paranormal. 

I give it 3 Ozzy trying to rationalize ghosts out of 5
Base: 1

Night of the Demon (1983) 1 hour 33 mins 
It seems like many of these big foot movies flashback to fishing or camping. A group guided by Professor Nugent go looking for Big Foot and ut-oh, black magic. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it getting busy in a candy van out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot!

Tuesday 10/21

War of the Colossal Beast (1958) 1 hour 9 mins 
These old films amaze me. They had to really think outside the box to make things happen! The big guy who everyone thought was dead was in Mexico just trying to survive. Poor guy, he’s been through so much. After too much he takes his own life. Bless.
(Watch on Prime)

3 drugged bread trucks out of 5 
Base: 1/ Bonus 1

The Host (2006) R | 2h 
I blame Hershel, dumping all that stuff in the river…… Monster attacks the city and gives a slacker dad and his family the chance to be heroes. 
(Watch on Prime)

3 squids on a stick out if 5 
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB
Flight of Kaiju

Wednesday 10/21

Tanya’s Island (1980) 1 hour 22 mins
I mean if there’s a time for full-on naked and late 1970s/80s bush it should be in the first 10 minutes of a movie right? 
So our beautiful model Tanya dates a jerk. They go to an island and there she meets the Squatch-esk but more baboon-like creature of her dreams. This movie is so bad but you can’t stop watching it. In the end, Blue is just as much a jerk. 
(Watch on Youtube)

I give it 2.5 Blues naked butt out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB
Big foot challenge!

Visited Universal Orlando and did both
-Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives
-Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Both were amazing and well done. You could see where there were areas that things were supposed to happen but didn’t because of covid. So neither were running at 100%. Universal as a whole did a GREAT job of keeping things safe. 

Visit to ScreamaGeddon
We did all the houses and a few several times. We had access to take photos because we were there as media for HalloweenGuideOrlando.com! Ranked in order of what I liked.

  • Ravenhill Asylum My favorite, we did this one 3 times
  • Demon’s Revenge- we did twice
  • Blackpool Prison
  • Deadwoods we did 2 times
  • Rage 3D

Pasco city does NOT require masks at outdoor events so the majority of people were not wearing them. The park did have gallons of sanitizer at each activity for guests to use. They had signs up about social distancing but didn’t enforce it. We tried. We wore our masks. 

Usually, at ScreamaGeddon, they offer a more intense experience by wearing a glow necklace. Actors would be able to grab and touch you, separate you from the group, and such. Actors this year were not as in your face which is good in your face (haha) which is good in the time of covid. 

Cry Wilderness (1987) 1 hour 33 mins
So glad this one is the one I watched while my mom in law is around. She watched Boggy Creek and In Search of with me the other day. Really grateful she didn’t watch Tanya’s Island….
Our hero, Paul knows Big Foot and worked to keep him safe as the city tries to hunt and kill an escaped tiger. You’ve got a cavalcade of characters: the Indian, the dad, the jerk ark ranger who in my opinion was way too rough holding the raccoon, the kid, the rich man with his floozy girlfriend and big foot. 
Mom in law says this was the best thing she’s had to watch during any of my Madnesses. 
(Watch on Tubi)

2.5 raccoon montages out if 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot challenge! 

Suburban Sasquach (2004) 1 hour 37 mins
This looks like a student film. Umm. Big foot is killing people and 2 really poorly costumed cops try to stop him. This is really bad but at least they made a movie. That is a feat in itself. But yeah. 
(Watch on Prime)

2 cops don’t wear earrings..out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB
Big foot

Thursday 10/23

Abominable (2006) 1 hour 34 mins
So many familiar faces in this one, Preston is recovering from a climbing accident when he discovers (in a very Hitchcock Rear Window way) Abominable aka Big Foot and his shenanigans! Big foots love pretty girls. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give 3 goofy looking Jeffery Combs out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot!

A visit to Colorado Fondue’s Al-o-Ween 60 Days of Halloween

Friday 10/12

Willow Creek (2013) 1 hour 20 mins
A found footage film about making a movie about finding big foot. I didn’t really like the main characters. Meh. When big foot finally “got them” I was kind of already checked out. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 2 naked skinny dippin’ out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB
Big foot!

A visit to Davenport Pumpkin House a walk around HUGE jack o’lantern display! 

A visit to Lights on Jetter Bend, a hugh block of houses that decorate for Halloween

A visit to A Petrified Forest and we went through all 3 haunted trails:
-Camp Carver
-Dark Forest (my fav)
-Twisted Carnival ( who doesn’t love a carnival)

Saturday 10/25

Exists (2014) 1 hour 21 mins
Friends go on adventure in the woods only to be hunted by big foot! The big foot attacks were so real! Maybe because he’s hidden some what. This gave me the creeps!
(Watch on Tubi)

I give 3.5 best Youtube videos ever out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot!

And we drove back to TN.

Adding this pic for points! Remember Elizabeth?! 🙂

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