Let’s Make a SQUEAL!

I had this idea for a game show type zoom experience. It would involve scavenger hunt type elements, tasks that the contestants would be asked to do and just good Halloween fun! It would be part of my Halloween Guide Orlando content. Many of my friends are missing Halloween activities and events so I thought this would bring some happiness to all! 🙂

I asked my friend Erica who is also a Halloween creator, to co-host and help bring the show to life. She has a bit more control on the tech side and I also knew this was something I couldn’t do alone. We used her page Horror Happenings with the Dead Girl as a hosting site.

Our contestants:
Robyn Pedretti- Kelly and her main side kick
Summer Aiello from Universal Studios Horror Make Up Show;
Johnny Bronto from Hauntscene;
Linda Janssen from Deviant Dollz;
Omar Elkalyoubie from Hearts of Reality and Give Kids the World
and Bryan Bindman amazing artist you can find on his art Facebook page.
All are friends, and just great and fun people! What a great line up right?!

Game rounds spanned from “bring me something pumpkin” to “dress in another costume”. My personal favorite was the round where the contestants had to bring a food item and pitch it as part of a horror movie!

from left top right/ top to bottom: Me dressed as a cow girl, Erica as a ghostbuster, Robyn “laziest costume ever” t-shirt, Johnny as a mad scientist, Linda as one of her dollz, Omar as David S Pumpkins, Summer as… things from my husbands collection and Bryan as Lewis Robinson from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons!

Give our fun Halloween show a watch! It will make you giggle!

Will we do this again…… you betcha!!


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