October 25- October 31 
Team Sasquatch

Sunday 10/25

Bad Hair (2020) 1 hour 42 mins
I wanted this to be good. It has a few good bones but was really waaay too slow and waay too long (hair pun, not really). Anna wants to be more and finally, gives it to getting a weave hoping that she will be able to move up the ladder at her job. It’s witch hair gurl! The last 6 to 10 minutes were good. Nicole Byer’s last line! Talking about her weave, It’s tight but maybe my boyfriend will f’ it loose! Lol
(Watch on Hulu)

I give it 2 it had potentials out of 5

Visited Dread Hollow:
-Raven’s Gate Prison
-Broken Coven was the prettiest, very gothic and macabre! 
-Harbinger Bay was the most creative with a boat and water features and the best gators!! 

Monday 10/26

The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot (2018) 1 hour 38 mins
Well first of all, who doesn’t love Sam Elliott?! Badass takes care of Hitler and then sick bigfoot. 
(Watch on Netflix)

I give 4 flashbacks of greatness out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB

Dragula: Resurrection (2020) 2 hours 4 mins
I LOVE The Boulet Brothers and Dragula! This was a perfect Halloween special with some of my favorites! Go Victoria Black!! Orlando! 3 floor shows Witches, Ghosts, and Vampires. 
(Watch on Shudder)

5 dream Halloween weddings for Victoria Black! out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB special 6 points

Fun fact! Victoria Black came and slayed the Spooky Empire Costume Contest! 

The Haunting (1999) 1 hour 53 mins
What a fun cast. Watched this with friends. A group of not great sleepers (like me!) are invited to a huge house. Little do they know, it’s haunted y’all and Nell is the answer! Set them children free y’all.
(Watch on Hulu)

3.5 severed heads in the fireplace, poor Luke out of 5
Base: 2

Tuesday 10/27

Cherokee Creek (2018) 1 hour 58 mins
Eak, another friends getting together to make a movie movie. 
Guys being guys. Friends “kidnap” Pat for a fun weekend in the woods. Till big foot shows up. This is such a guy movie. Gah.
(watch on YouTube)

2 peeing in a jugs out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Big foot

Midsommer (2019) 2 hrs 28 mins
Well, it’s not the new pavilion at EPCOT is it? A very visual and brutal movie. Dani and her group ended up being the sacrifices for the summer solstice festival. 
(watch on Prime)

3.5 don’t pee on the ancestral trees out of 5
Base 3/ Bonus: evil genius challenge 1 of 2

The Wicker Man (1973) 1 hour28 mins
I chose the original because I have already had a lot of Nick this season. Police from the mainland go over and trys to investigate a girl who’s fine missing. Is there a more musical horror movie?
(Watch on Movieland.tv app)

3 naked baby dance out of 5
Base:2 Bonus evil genius challenge 2of 2

The Babysitter (2017) 1 hour 24 mins
The super cool babysitter’s a devil worshipper. Smart kid Cole saves himself and his new love. This movie is my find for this year. Loved it!
(watch on Netflix)

5 shot in the boobs out of 5
Base: 2

Wednesday 10/28

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) 1 hour 41 mins
Not as good as the original but still super fun. The new baddies and the returned baddies join in to get Cole to complete some black magic.  
(Watch on Netflix)

3.5 splat factor alone out of 5
Base: 2

I created a Halloween Game Show, Let’s Make a Squeal, produced it and hosted with Erica A! Does that get me some points?! It should! It was super fun! It was an online Halloween event! 

Cursed (2005) 1 hour 37 mins
A who’s who cast. A brother and sister duo of werewolves. It’s not often that Trav watches with me but he actually liked it! Werewolfism is spreading! Even Zipper gets to be a wolf. In the end they kill the werewolf and get rid of the curse. Ps #NobodyCaresAboutScottBaio
(Watch on Prime w/ Cinamax)

I give it 3 werewolf in a mirror mazes out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Werewolf! Plus Werewolf Wednesday +2! 

Thursday 10/29

In the Company of Wolves (1984) 1 hour 35 mins
A fairy tale werewolf story. I think this would be a great gateway movie for younger people. It’s a story in a dream  all in a young girl’s mind who fell asleep reading a comic book. Lots of fun imagery! Creepy dolls and lots of animals.
(Watch on Prime w/ Cinamax)  

I give a younger Angela Landsbery in bad old lady make up out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus ATB

FrankenThug (2017) 1 hour 14 mins
Drugs, thugs and a return from the dead. Bad bikers and a tarp covered lab in a basement. And complete with Intermission and boobs. 
(Watch on Youtube)

I give it 2.5 science gone wrongs out of 5
Base: 2

Kadaver (2020) 1 hour 26 mins
So the apocalypse has happened and Lenora finds a hotel that invites people to an event and meal. Really cool imagery and story. It reminded me of Sleep No More in NYC.
(Watch on Netflix)

I give it 3.75 they eating people y’all out of 5
Base: 2

Sleep No More in NYC looks so much like Kadaver

Friday 10/30

Sand Shark (2012) 1 hour 26 mins
You guessed it, there’s sharks in that there sand. Jerk-son of the mayor wants to throw a party on the sand even after being told it’s closed…sand sharks. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 2 a very sunburned party goer on the beach out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB

Little Joe (2019) 1 hour 45 mins
My friend who is staying with us right now recommended this after I told her about this years theme for The Madness. 
A plant is bred that can make people happy. What could go wrong right? Well the plant changes and some of the themes remind me of the times we are in. A slow burn , creepy movie.
(Watch on Hulu)

3.5 take off your masks, there’s no problems here creepy vibes out of 5
Base” 2/ Bonus: 1

When the plant gave happy feelings it was blue.

The House that October Built (2014) 1 hour 31 mins
Found Footage film about a group of friends going to haunts. The first part totally reminds me of many haunts I’ve gone to. They are followed by a super creepy scaractor group that is after them. 
(Watch on Netflix)

I give it 4 creepy doll girl was my fav out of 5
Base: 2 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) 1 hour 55 mins
First of all it has “Snatch” in the title, that is worth a point. Plants from space! Ack! Now I’m checking all my new plants for aliens! They grow from pods and everybody is in on it! 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 3.5 farting in a mud baths out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: 1

Fido (2006) 1 hour 33 mins
Thought my guy might like this but he fell asleep. I really love this movie. Set in the 50’s ZomCom has found a way to make zombies friendly and part of society again. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 4 Tammy’s out of 5)
Base: 2

Tammy didn’t speak but sometimes stole the film.

Deep Star Six
Worst EPCOT attraction ever. It looked like one I thought. A nuclear lab at the bottom of the sea vs a super big lobster like thing. 
(watch on CBS)

I give it 3 half man in a diving suits out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB

Saturday 10/31


The Bay (2012) 1 hour 24 mins
This one really gets to me because it could (has) happened! Run-off from a farm causes isopods to go crazy. These things are being ingested and causing gross things to happen. 
(Watch on Cinemax)

4 overrun hospitals out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB

Session 9 (2001) 1 hour 37 mins
This movie has been recommended to me so many times I thought I’d give it a go. I think I need to re-watch it, maybe I wasn’t in the right mind? It was meh. A clean up crew find tapes form an old asylum. They work through the sessions until Simon at the end ends things.
(Watch on Netflix)

2.5 multipersonalities out of 5
Base: 2

Some photos from Halloween night!

I can’t believe I forgot to put on my mask….
Our pumpkins for 2020!

Haunt (2019) 1 hour 32 mins
I like this one. I could imagine going through a haunt (minus the being maimed and killed). A group of friends visits an extreme haunt not knowing they’re going to be victims of a crazy group of scary body mid freaks. 
(Watch on Netflix)

I give this 4 nails in the foot gives me chills out of 5
Base: 2

The Mortuary Collection (2019) 1 hour 48 mins
A great collection of stories about dead people. The mortician makes a great story teller. I really enjoyed the collection. One of my favorites was when the guy got pregnant. Boy wouldn’t health care and reproductive rights be different if that could happen…. 
(Watch on Shudder)

I give it 4.5 death do we parts out of 5
Base: 2

That’s right, you give birth you jerk!

And with that, I end my Madness! It feels weird not having any personal challenges but this world is weird right now. Thank you for the fun!!

Spooky Empire 2013 with an awesome Godzilla costume!

I thought you all might enjoy the volunteers of Spooky Empire tearing down the giant balloon Godzilla we had at the show that year!

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