ChattaBox is coming to MAINx24 in Chattanooga!

I’m very excited to bring my first project to Chattanooga!

When we first arrived in Chattanooga I missed MAINx24 literally by 24 hours. I waited an entire year to attend and fell in LOVE with the 24-hour festival! Filled with all kinds of art, activities, food, music, and all kinds of curious things, MAINx24 is magical!

2019 parade!

Inspired by “Citizen O” from Orlando’s Creative City and a little Recycle Art Festival, my friends Amanda, Kristen, and myself are putting together a cardboard mail area in the Community Garden at Hart Gallery! People who stop by will get the chance to write a letter to a stranger about what they love, find inspiring, curious, or strange about Chattanooga. Once they deposit their mail into the ChattaBox, they’ll get to choose a letter from one of the mailboxes! A keepsake from the event that will hopefully inspire them to continue exploring our city!

So if you’re attending MAINx24, plan on stopping by between 1pm- 5pm and “Chatta” about what you love in Chattanooga!!!

Visit our Facebook event!


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