Fusion Fest 2018

I added Fusion Fest this past year to my event calendar. It is a first of it's kind festival that celebrates heritage, cultures and diversity. The festival had 3 stages featuring fashion and spoken word on one stage and 2 stages with music and dance. It was a huge undertaking with many people involved. Honestly … Continue reading Fusion Fest 2018

Needed a good rain!

It is a summer afternoon in Florida, which means a torrential rainstorm. The wind picks up.  The temp drops.   The sky gets dark.  My creative is at its peak for the day.  This is the best time to create art in my world.  The chaos outside--the rain, the  wind, the thunder and lightning translates to … Continue reading Needed a good rain!

Halloween is drawing near!!! (Yes, I know it’s only July…)

I.LOVE.HALLOWEEN! Sure, today may be July 4th (Happy Birthday, 'Merica!), but all I can think of right now is how many events are already gearing up to celebrate the best holiday of the year...Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I remember my mom making my costumes when I was young. (My favorite was a bunny … Continue reading Halloween is drawing near!!! (Yes, I know it’s only July…)