Week October 11- October 17 

Team Sasquatch

Sunday 10/11

I will be bingeing The Haunting of Bly Manor! 

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Great Good Place S1 Ep1 (2020) 1 hour TV time (1 of 9 for the binge)
Meeting everyone, meeting the Manor. Creepy kids, the So pretty and already planting the seeds. Where did those muddy footprints come from? Lady of the Lake….
(Watch on Netflix)

I give it 4 creepy little dolls out of 5
Base + ATB Bonus= 6

The Human Monster (1939) 1 hour 13 mins
Even back in the day, there were insurance frauds! Plus Bela Lugosi. Drowning people in the river for some cash.
(Watch on a really weird collection of Horror Classics DVD)

Base: 2

Shark (1969) 1 hour 32 mins
Burt Reynolds in his prime. A gun guy gets stuck when his cargo is stolen but no worries, he finds a sexy lady and a shark! Hired to explore a sunken boat.
(Watch on Prime )

I give it 2.5 I bet this was great in the 70s out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Good Pupil S1 Ep2 (2020) 1 hour TV time (2 of 9 for the binge)
More creepy kid action. More questions than answers. I love the dolls and the house. And hello, one of those dolls moved. We see some story on Miles and his troubles. 
(Watch on Netflix)

Still a 4 out of 5! 
Base: 4

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Two Faces, part 1 S1 Ep3 (2020) 1 hour TV time (3 of 9 for the binge)
Getting to know Peter and Rebecca. Is that the same flowers Miles gave Dani.. I think so…. Peter is a jerk. Is Miles Peter in the present?

4 out of 5
Base 4

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Way it Came S1 Ep4 (2020) 1 hour TV time (4 of 9 for the binge)
We get to know Dani’s ghost and why he has glowing eyes. And we get to see Dani falling for Jamie. 
I’m loving this spooky season. Not as much as Hill house but IMO, still great viewing! 

Monday 10/12

Swamp Shark (2011) 1 hour 26 mins
The evil animal smugglers shark gets loose in the swamp. Lots of people are being killed but most people aren’t paying attention. The shark heads to a buffet at Gatorfest. 
(Watch on Hulu)

I give this 2.5 Free Willy style beheadings out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus ATB

Sharktopus vs Whalewolf (2015) 1 hour 25 mins
If you like bad accents, cheesy CGI, a voodoo priest and just saying the word Sharktopus, then this is your movie! A drunk boat captain fights to save the city from a genetically engineered sharktopus and a man turned whale wolf. All this crazy started in the name of beauty! 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 3 I had to add the words Shartopus and Whalewolf to my online dictionary out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB
Sharks and a whalewolf! 

Clownado (2019) 1 hour 39 mins. 
Why not. Umm hello. Another movie that proves if you try hard, you can make things happen. So some evil clowns can travel via tornado. Stripper with a heart of gold saving a girl who finds her father. A black guy dressed as Elvis sidekick. Do I really need to say more?
(watch on Prime, they’ll show anything)

I give 3 attacking boobs with teeth out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: 1
Weather event

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Great Good Place S1 Ep5 (2020) 1 hour TV time (5 of 9 for the binge)
We get to know Owen. And Hannah. We learn of Dani and Edmund. Dani gets locked in the closet. Miles is becoming more of a monster and we see the lady responsible for the muddy mess.

Still 4 out of 5!!
Base: 4

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Alter of the Dead S1 Ep5 (2020) 1 hour TV time (5 of 9 for the binge)
LOTS of time hopping in this episode. We learn why Hannah sees cracks 😦 Bye Peter. Miles is Peter at times and when he is he’s a jerk. Lady of the Lake is super creepy.
Base: 4

Tuesday 10/13

Halloween Wars: Monster Road Trip S10Ep1 (2020) 1 hour 32 mins
Meet the new people on a trip around the country and then on to the first challenge. Jeremy from Stranger Things is the guest judge. First challenge: A Pumpkin Patch. The snail won! It was my fav and gives me a bonus point! Big challenge: Monster Families. 
(Watch on Food Network)

4 that snake done broke out of 5 
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB see below
Radioactive snail and is that snail oversized? It is toxic. 
Werewolves in the main challenge. 

Halloween Wars: Blind Dates S10Ep2 (2020) 1 hour TV time
Mini challenge is fortune tellers and again my favorite won, the hand coming out of the crystal ball. Sugar work fascinated me, especially when it’s really clear. Main challenge is a blind date from hell. They were ok. 

4 movie marques out of 5
Base: 1/ Bonus: 0

Halloween Wars: Monster Support Group S10Ep3 or 4? (2020) 1 hour TV time
Mini challenge mad scientist challenge. I loved them all! Main one Monster Support Group was ok.  

4 out of 5
Base: 1/ Bonus ATB

REPTILICUS (1961, Denmark) 1 hour 32 minutes
Drill guys find flesh. It’s alive! I really think this is a charming movie. Military verses Reptilicus! Let the woman bring the point up that Reptilicus can regenerate! 
(Watch on Tubi)

3.5 musical break, what every sci-fi movie needs lol out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB 

Gorgo (1961) 1 hour 18 mins
Basically a Godzilla but from Ireland. Of course they want to put it in a circus in London. Ut-oh! Here comes mama and aint nobody going to take her baby. Poor London. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give 2.5 mama and baby swim off out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Jolly Corner S1 Ep6 (2020) 1 hour TV time (6 of 9 for the binge)
Dom reveals he knows Henry slept with Charlotte and is the father of Flora. They die while trying to save their marriage. Poor Flora starts sleepwalking and we see lots of her memories. Miles/ Peter hits Dani on the head.

4 out of 5!
Base: 4

Wednesday 10/14

Halloween Wars: Trapped with a Monster S10Ep4  (2020) 1 hour TV time
First challenge is making self portraits of themselves. I personally liked the werewolf one but totally got where the judges were coming from. Main challenge Trapped! And we have some tentacles! 
(Watch on Food Network)

Always a 4 out of 5
Base 1/ Bonus ATB 

The Goldberg’s: Who Are You Going to Telephone S1 Ep 6 (2013) 30 min TV time
Oh how I LOVE The Goldberg’s! Halloween episode. Beverly cracks me up every episode. Adam wants to join the kids and even though he and Pops always do the BEST costumes. Everyone leaves Bev alone, so she goes into Bev mode. Everyone comes back to each other.
(watch on Hulu)

I give it 4.5 Bev is a ghost with a handbag out of 5
Base w/ next episode.  

The Goldbergs: Family Takes Care of Beverly S2 Ep5 (2014) 30 mins TV time
Pops has to move in with the family and they see his wild side. Plans have to be made, Shady Brook is really where he wants to go anyway for the hot babes. Urban legends are explored. Barry and Lanie begin.

4 flaming pumpkin shots out of 5
Base: 1 for the 2 episodes

WolfCop (2014) 1 hour 19 mins
This has the feeling of an 80s movie. A drunk cop turns to (Were)WolfCop to fight the piggies. I thought that was witty. Plus there’s a political battle and one of the candidates ends up being wicked Red Ridinghood witch. She has the sex time with the Wolf. WolfCop of course ends up saving the day.
(Watch it on Hulu)

3.5 tons of puns out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus ATB plus Kweeny Werewolf Wednesday?

Halloween Wars: Look Out! S10Ep5  (2020) 1 hour TV time
It’s the finale! Mini scare is Bugs and one of them is radioactive. Final challenge: a jump scare. One team had a tentacle! I want to try the taste thing with the banana foster! Yum! But I’m having a cupcake so…
(Watch on Food Network)

Always a 4 out of 5
Base: 1/ Bonus: 2
Radioactive bug

The Haunting of Bly Manor: S1 Ep7 (2020) 1 hour TV time (7 of 9 for the binge)
Dani is awake and we learn how Peter and Becs use the children. We meet Peter’s mom and learn more of why he is..a jerk. Peter is dead and we learn of Becs last days. Ugh he kills Becs! Peter and Becs convince the kids for them to take over so they can be with their parents. But Becs doesn’t do it. Dani and Flora take a run but Dani gets grabbed by the Lady of the Lake!!!

4 mumbling ghosts out of 5! Freaky!
Base: 4

The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Romance of Certain Old Clothes  S1 Ep8 (2020) 1 hour TV time (8 of 9 for the binge)
We finally meet the Lady of the Lake. Complicated family and courtship. I do feel for her towards the end. We see everything that keeps her at Bly. We also meet all the other ghosts of Bly. Viola won’t leave and she ever does! Beautifully done. I am not ready to say goodbye to this series!  

4.5 wake, walk, sleeps out of 5

My cute friend Jonathan!

Thursday 10/15

The Big Bake: Monster Madness S1 Ep1 (2019) 1 hour TV time 
2 professional bake groups make huge cakes. Their cake challenge is Jack-o-Slanterns. Cakes that have a slant and moving elements. Taste part is to add candy to the cake flavor.
(Watch on Food Network)

I give it 3.5 zombie hand cakes out of 5
Base 1

Bat People (1974) 1 hour 33 mins
What a fabulous musical intro. While visiting a cavern and trying to be romantic, both fall into a hole and Johnny gets bitten by a cute little sweet face bat. After treatment for his bite, he changes into a not sweet face (makeup by Stan Winston) bat man. Killing and being a vampire-esk type of bat mutant. His wife gets infected and eventually she goes to join him where they can live a weird non flying bat-ish life. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 2 I may have nodded off out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: 4

Cat People (1942) 1 hour 10 mins
Recommended by Prime. Ireana meets a man of her dreams but then gets all up in her head about becoming a cat. I liked seeing all the big cats in the movie but it’s a slow and talky movie. 
(Watch on Prime)

I give it 2 killed the bird out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: 2

The Big Bake: Trick or Treat S1 Ep2 (2019) 1 hour TV time 
I think I could be a cake decorator. I made this cake to look like this dog

View this post on Instagram

♥️Our Second Entry!!!♥️🎉😍 Thank you to Denna! @dennabena for this ridiculously cute #cakeforpicasso !🎉 I love this tongue!👅😂🥰O.k., everybody! There is still time to enter your cake!🙂These two talented ladies both did 3-dimensional cakes, which is amazing, but a drawing of Picasso’s face on a sheet cake would be awesome too!🥰I will share entries here on Picasso’s IG♥️ 🎉CONTEST TIME!!!🎉 Bakers&Cake Decorators!🎉It’s✨Picasso’s (approximate) Birthday!✨So we are hosting a cake decorating contest!🎉We will send a💜Luvable Dog Rescue💜t-shirt to the first✨5 entrants✨who send in a photo of their decorated cake, featuring Picasso’s Wonky face😋💜We will award prizes to✨3✨WINNERS!!! 🤩To Enter The Contest: leave a comment wishing Picasso a🥳HappyBirthday🥳and tag two friends!🥳Then DM a photo of your🎂cake🎂decorated with an image of👅Picasso👅You can use icing, or candy, or whatever you’d like to decorate your cake!🥳(You have until✨May 10✨to enter and you get to keep the cake you make!🙂Just send us the photo👍🏽We will share your cake creations on Picasso’s IG!!!🎂🎉If you post a photo of your creation please use the hashtag #cakeforpicasso 🎉So many people are home right now, baking🎂🍰🧁and spending family time in the kitchen, we thought it would be a great opportunity to make something fun and have a chance at some great prizes!🎂 🥰(We will show the prizes you could win throughout the week🙂)We will take entries through next Sunday, May 10!🎂All skill levels are welcome!🤩This is about having fun, and being creative!🥳We really appreciate all of you who follow our family of rescued animals and show us so much love every day!🧁🎉🎂♥️ (⭐️This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Instagram⭐️) • • • #cakedecoratorsofinstagram #cakedecoratingcontest #bestcskedesign #HaveFunWithCake #Bake #wonkyfacedog #BoopMyNose #wrymouth #bornthisway #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #dogslife #ellenratemydog #theDodo #picassothewonkyandwacku #fromdeathrowtothis #congenitaldefect #differentlyabled #dogsofinstaworld #dogslover #differentdogs #rescueddog #pitbullsofinstagram

A post shared by Picasso (@picassothewonkyandwacku) on

Trick or treating is the theme, My favorite is the Monster with the candy buckets. One team uses candied crickets in their cake. #NoThankYou
(Watch in Food Network)

I give 3.5 working in the cooler out of 5
Base: 1

I don’t know if I am ready for this.
The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Beast in the Jungle S1 Ep9 (2020) 1 hour TV time (8 of 9 for the binge)
We see how Dani brings an end to all the tragedy of Bly. At least she had some good times and love with Jami. Owen’s story and his love for Hannah broke my heart. So good. 

4.5 waiting for your forever love out of 5
Base: 4 plus binge bonus

Now that I’m emotionally settled, time for something completely different.
Crawl (2019) 1 hour 27 mins
It’s really about a father and daughter relationship with some gators thrown in. My first eyebrow cane at the crawl space/ basement. Maybe they do exist but I’ve never seen one on Fl. More eyebrows in that Hayley survives all the gator attacks. Florida water is not that clear…But over all an enjoyable fun people vs nature movie. 
(watch on Hulu)

3.5 gator done got his arm out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: 3

Friday 10/16

The Big Bake: Which witch is Which Treat S1 Ep3 (2019) 1 hour TV time 
Finale of the show. I like that they are doing witches and that there are other interpretations of witches. There’s a Mexican card reader, a pretty witch and one that has tentacles in the cauldron giving me a bonus! 
(Watch on Food Network)

I give 3.5 out of 5
Base:1/ Bonus: 1

Snakes on a Plane (2006) 1 hour 45 mins
Guy sees a mob crime and catches a plane but there are soo many sneks on that plane! Not much of a story line except for lots of over the top death by snek. Lots of fun dialog and witty lines. That snek eating that man….Oh and I love Kenan.
(Watch on Hulu)

I give it 3 snek in a barf bags out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: ATB

Snakes on a Train (2006) 1 hour 31 mins
Ok, at first I thought this was all in Spanish. A lady drinks from a tin can the throws up sneks. They want to go to LA. Make their way onto a train. You guessed it, sneks on that MFin train. She eventually turns into one. And a  guy uses magic to get rid of her.
(Watch on Tubi)

2.5 she ate that train out of 5
Base:2/ Bonus: ATB

The Goldberg’s: Couples Costume S3 Ep6 (2015) 30 mins TV time
Adam has a Halloween with his GF but Bev has hard time not being a part of his holiday. A haunted house features a werewolf! Bev tries to make a point about danger which has her taking all the kids candy. 
(watch on Hulu)

4 PredaMom out of 5
Base: .5/ ATB

The Goldbergs: Stefan King S4 Ep 5 (2016) 30 mins TV time
A tribute to Stephen King! Adam writes a story based on Bev. At first she loves it not thinking it’s about her. 

Base: .5

Watch Partay! 

SHAKMA (1990) 1 hour 40  mins
I remember learning about this movie when I was training to be a VIP tour guide at Universal Studios! This will be the first time watching it. 
I just felt sorry for that baboon. 

DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1953) 1 hour 33 mins
Quality older movie although the triffids when they’re young look like they should be in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. 

THE REEF (1992)
See thoughts in week 1

Saturday 10/17

The Midnight Man (2016) 1 hour 35 mins
Children bring an evil force by playing a game and the killing begins. He’s known as the Midnight Man and he uses what you are afraid of. I really like this movie. First time watch. 
(watch on Hulu)

I give it 3.5 bathtubs of blood out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: 2

Feral (2017) 1 hour 33 mins
A group goes camping only to find something or someone attacking them. Then it’s just a who gets infected next. Some pretty good gore.
(watch on Hulu)

I give it 3 leg in bear traps out of 5
Base: 2/ Bonus: 2

The Midnight Man and or Bunny.

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