Halloween is drawing near!!! (Yes, I know it’s only July…)


Sure, today may be July 4th (Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!), but all I can think of right now is how many events are already gearing up to celebrate the best holiday of the year…Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I remember my mom making my costumes when I was young. (My favorite was a bunny costume that I wore until I couldn’t fit into it anymore.) I loved trick or treating at night, parties and costume contests, comparing candy hauls with my siblings…all the fun that is Halloween. The funny thing is that as much as I love the holiday, growing up I was a HUGE chicken! I didn’t go through my first haunted house until I was in high school and I was scurrred! I still – until this very day – refuse to go through the cheap fair haunted houses! It’s crazy but I can’t!

These days, I am a Halloween Queen. I go to as many events, haunted houses, and see as many movies as I can during the season! I even participate in a Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness where the participants get points for watching movies and going to events. I get points just for living my life!

In past years, I did a Halloween Guide for a local blog. Last year I made the choice to start my own site and HalloweenGuideOrlando.com was born! I share the events that I love for all those who are like me and live for Halloween.


This season, I’ll be posting my reviews of Halloween events here and sharing them to the Halloween Guide Orlando facebook.

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